Empower your lab to do its best work

LabLightAR's augmented reality guidance increases speed, accuracy, and overall job satisfaction.

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Lab work demands skill and focus

By blending augmented reality and AI technology with human skill, we help lab workers perform at their highest level

Mistakes in the lab are costly

Our goal is to eliminate errors at the lab bench and deviations in biopharma manufacturing

loading microwell plates

Our combination of augmented reality with artificial intelligence will revolutionize how humans work and perform complex tasks.

Human-in-the-loop guidance

LabLightAR’s guidance technology was created by distinguished molecular biologists, innovative software engineers, and pioneers in augmented reality technology. 

Augmented reality today

The LabLightAR system combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence to guide biomedical workers at the lab bench.

Intelligent computer vision and spatially accurate object placement increase accuracy and speed.

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LabLightAR Hands Free Procedural Guidance

Hands-free procedural guidance

Current lab procedures require text and graphic documents, checklists and notebooks to direct progress and record results.

LabLightAR’s active guidance offers hands-free access to these resources with gesture and voice control. LabLightAR provides visual and audio cues to guide workers through each protocol step, reducing  mistakes and decreasing cognitive load.

Integrates with current workflows

The design of the LabLightAR system reflects our commitment to maximizing productivity.

LabLightAR integrates into existing workflows with minimum disruption. Our intuitive microplate guidance software, PipLight, sets up in minutes.

LabLightAR easily integrates into your lab
LabLightAR documentation

Streamlined secure documentation

LabLightAR captures checklists, photos, videos, and metadata, storing them in electronic laboratory notebooks or local networks.

Streamlined data access facilitates collaboration, troubleshooting, and scientific review while maintaining the highest standards of data protection

Bring LabLightAR technology into your lab

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